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Debbie Thelen is a skilled candy maker living in Plymouth Massachusetts. Her candy is widely known for excellent flavor and creativity.  From gourmet truffles & candies that melt in your mouth, to smooth and decadent fudge Debbie always finds a way to bring new delights to the table. Her candies are handmade using quality ingredients and expert technique to ensure that every candy creation is perfect for your taste buds!


"God gave us memories so we could have roses in December."-James Barrie

My candies have been making memories with so many people on this sweet journey, I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives. -Debbie Thelen


Meet the Candy Lady: Debbie Thelen

A Family Story

by Debbie Thelen of D and D Candies

"I took a recipe that was given to me by one of my aunts when I was a teenager, tweaked it, and made it my own. I've just been expanding the line ever since! My family had always been my biggest support system. My sister Cathy, when she was alive, would wait every Christmas for me to make 'her' favorite candy, which I've named Cathy's Heavenly Kisses. For her last birthday, which was her 40th, I made her a special basket, and she'd only share it with our other sister Cheri. Nothing pleased me more than to see smiles on people's faces when the candy was given to them or to hear Cathy give me her 'ooh' of approval!"

Starting a New Business

I've now turned my hobby and passion into a business! Being an optician in CT for 30 years and running stores for major companies taught me quite a bit about running businesses and 'pleasing' people. But in my mid-life, I changed careers and wanted to take on a new challenge and just make people smile all the time! Let's face it, chocolate is the food of choice for most people and it does make you smile! My daughter Michele lives in Connecticut, where I'm originally from, with our beautiful grandchildren Isabella and Jacob, and Don and I have 6 children together and 13 grandchildren! 5 of our children live in Michigan where Don is originally from, Dawn, Pam, Pam's husband Ryan and children, Blake, Brady and Rose, Alex, Alex's wife Melissa and their children, Samuel, Josiah, Rueben, and Abraham, Fr. Mathias, and Jon, his wife Kristie and children, Jonah, Leah, Clara and Levi! We are certainly blessed!


Making People Happy
“So many people have tried the fudge I've been making over the years! I would bring in trays to all my associates at Christmas time and they would tell me, 'You need to sell this'! Even Michele's girlfriend Alicia would come over during the holidays to sample, she'd just walk in the back door and say 'Hi, Michele's mom, got some candy for me to try?' My dream is to finish my cookbook that will have the candy recipes and stories that go along with them!  My hope is that someday one of our grandkids will carry on my legacy and make candy.

We want to hear from you!
Since our store is online only, we don't get to meet our customers very often. We really look forward to your calls and emails, because they help us to get to know you better. We love to answer questions, provide candy recommendations, and hear suggestions. If there's ever anything we can do to help, just let us know!

Press Releases about Candy Creations

"Local candy business keeps growing"
Tomah Journal, Tomah, WI

Debbie Thelen is living her dream. Making candy and sweets was always a hobby of hers as she worked as an optician in Connecticut for 30 years. She moved to Tomah six years ago, and making candy soon became her business. Now she is running Candy Creations on her own in her licensed kitchen in her basement on Schaller Street, and she is loving it." ~ Deb Thelen


"My hobby turned into a business and business is thriving," Thelen said. "When you dream about something, and you have a passion for it, the sky is the limit." Well, Here we are 3 years later and my husband Don has retired from the U.S. Army and we've moved back to my beloved New England settling in Plymouth, Ma! How beautiful this area is!!   I have finally gotten my kitchen licensed downstairs in the basement, and this time, I have windows!!!  And a door to the outside!  yeah!!!

On March 1, 2014, Deb's Candy Creations was born and I am open and so excited to be starting my business over again!  Lots of new places to visit, new challenges and of course a whole new area to concentrate on!!

I'm so happy to be back here, only 3 hours from Michele and our grandkids Isabella and Jacob!  So good to be home!!  New ideas are flowing all over the place and I hope you will try my new flavors, join the newsletter to get updates and enjoy my creations!


In Memorial

"Here I am pictured with one of my favorite customers, David Otto! David has been sampling and naming candy for the past 4 years.  He is one of my biggest supporters and has become a wonderful friend!  Notice we're both wearing the same color green!  I was at Festival Foods in Onalaska sampling this day and am always so happy and grateful to spend some time visiting with David! He's such a love!" ~ Deb Thelen

"I am so sad that 'my David' passed away Saturday, June 14th, 2010. Festival Foods will never be the same.  At 3:30 I would always look for him to come in and try the new flavors, guess which truffle I've given him, and listen to his jokes. Heaven has certainly gotten an angel, and I have lost a dear, wonderful, and sweet person from my life. David, I will miss you and I love you forever!  Thank you for bringing such joy into my life!  I am heartbroken at your loss."

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